A. Introduction – Municipal (draft)

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Why get certified?

Getting certified is just the start. Completing this course simply shows that you have been exposed to the concepts that make up a professional’s knowledge in this industry.

However, this overview is considerably more in-depth than most sweeper operators ever considered would be needed as a base for their knowledge.

One important addition to this course is the on the job experience that is only earned by hours, months, and years behind the wheel of a sweeper. With proper contemplation and study, this course will enhance, speed up, and help you progress faster in your development.

About the Course

This course was developed by dozens of the top sweeper company owners and managers across the country. Most of these professionals also have been years behind the wheel of the same sweepers you will be operating. They have trained thousands of operators and personally made or had employees make hundreds of mistakes they want you to avoid. You simply can’t live long enough to make all the mistakes on your own. While it is nice to learn from your mistakes, it is far better to learn from the mistakes of others.

There are regional, department and company differences to what is taught and stressed in these pages. It is quite possible your department or company owner will inform you one of the concepts or procedures are done differently than is taught here. He or she has responsibility for your paycheck and has the ultimate responsibility. However, the simple fact that you will have an in-depth discussion on why a particular item is not given the same weight in your department will make you a better/safer operator.

Benefits of getting Certified

Upon successful completion, you have the pride of knowing that you can call yourself a Certified Sweeper Operator. This very much puts you in a class with the best operators in the Country. You will benefit from your increased knowledge, sense of pride, perhaps new tools to make your job easier and safer. All of which will make you a more valuable employee to your department or company. Your unit also benefits by having safer more engaged employees.

In order to become a Certified Sweeper Operator there are three required steps:

  1. Complete and pass this online course
  2. Successfully complete an oral exam conducted by your department head or company owner*.
  3. Complete 1,000 hours of accident-free and injury-free sweeper operation.

* 2 & 3 are verified by your department or company owner or someone they designate.

Course Tips

Take your time. This is your profession. A professional wants to know the details and is always looking for tips to make their job easier, safer, and more enjoyable.

Certification lasts for three years. To maintain your status as a CSO – Municipal, in three years you will need to retake the course. Keep in mind the course will be updated at that time with the newest information and you will have forgotten some of the information. Most importantly, with three additional years of experience, you will view each module from a different perspective and depth of understanding.

When you come across items that are done differently at your location, ALWAYS have a conversation with your supervisor before you change ANY process or procedure.  This is explained in several areas.  There are many regional, equipment and company policies that may differ from what is explained here.  Always follow your department or company rules.

Language: Public and Private Fleets

This course is used by private companies doing municipal type sweeping.  It is also designed for government employees working in public works departments.  Throughout the course, we will often use terms like company, city, department, and owner, interchangeably.  If we use one over the other term, it is just for simplisity. Please substitue the appropiate postion or term for your situation.

Have fun and safe sweeping!

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