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Providing Support to the Membership and Enhancing Services to the Sweeping Industry The North American Power Sweeping Association (NAPSA) is a nonprofit association made up of 300+ contract sweepers, service providers and sweeping equipment dealers, manufacturers and suppliers. We are dedicated to providing beneficial support to our membership and the sweeping industry.

NAPSA Member Benefits for Sweeper School

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Get Major Discounts on Sweeper School Courses NAPSA members get substantial discounts on all courses within the CSO, CSM and Fleet Basics programs on Please contact NAPSA to get your discount codes.

Track EmployeeCourse Progress

Get Exclusive Access to an Employee Reporting Tool As a NAPSA member, company owners and managers get access to an exclusive reporting tool which will allow you to monitor course progress of your employees across all courses on Sweeper School.

NAPSA CertifiedSweeping Company

Becoming a Certified Sweeping Company demonstrates your company’s commitment to quality. NAPSA membership is a key component to becoming a Certified Sweeping Company. The other two requirements are having at least one Certified Sweer Manager, and one Certified Sweeper Operator. Join NAPSA and get certified today.
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