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Certified Sweeping Manager Program

Best Practices, Better Outcomes

It’s better — and less expensive — to learn from the mistakes of others than to be forced to learn from your own.

Created by the North American Power Sweeping Association (NAPSA), the American National Standards Institute (ANSI)-approved Power Sweeping Standard is a powerful tool that provides sweeping companies the best practices for virtually every aspect of business operations. These best practices all have a theme in common: They provide a degree of protection to your employees, your customers, and to the community in which your business operates.

The Certified Sweeping Manager (CSM) program’s Standards course puts a heavy emphasis on training at every level of the company, instilling the team with professionalism and an understanding of the right way to do things. Training is often the difference between safe and unsafe sweeper operators — after all, you can’t hover over each of your employees to make sure they’re doing their jobs the right way. It can keep your employees from making costly mistakes that could result in unhappy customers, lost business, increased insurance costs and damaged equipment.

But of all the stakeholders the NAPSA/ANSI Power Sweeping Standard protects, none is more important than your business. Through its emphasis on contract language and documentation, the CSM program gives you a roadmap for navigating a minefield of legal exposure, one in which one misstep could be costly — even fatal.

Why Get Certified?

The CSM program includes the NAPSA/ANSI Power Sweeping Standard course, and NAPSA plans to regularly add more courses in the coming months and years. CSM-certified owners and managers are trained to understand the best way to run virtually every facet of a sweeper business. From training to record keeping and everything in between, CSM certification is a tool to ensure safe operation, maintain a high degree of customer satisfaction and retention, all while protecting one’s business from ballooning insurance costs and frivolous lawsuits.

Along with NAPSA membership and completion of a Certified Sweeper Operator course, having a staff member complete one CSM course per year is a requirement for becoming a NAPSA Certified Sweeping Company — evidence to your customers that your company meets the current standard among all sweeping companies.

Certifications give your employees clear goals they can achieve to increase their station within your company. Companies that make certification a prerequisite for promotion will have a motivated staff that wants to be the best at what they do.

Benefits for Owners

  • Best practices you can — and should — implement
  • Better understanding of risk management
  • Potential insurance savings
  • Required to become Certified Sweeping Company

Benefits for Managers

  • Create a culture of safety
  • Supplement your employee training programs
  • Better understanding of legal issues
  • Improve customer retention and satisfaction

Current Course Offerings

The Devil is in the Details

Sweeper operators are used to working around potholes and other dangerous obstacles. But when dealing with a new customer, the first hazard your company encounters could be a paragraph buried in a contract. It boils down to one question: Did you read the fine print?

The CSM program and the Standards course are the products of collaboration among dozens of the top sweeper company owners and managers across the country. The program teaches owners and managers:

  • To identify and avoid unfavorable contract language that transfers legal liability for incidents over which you have no control from your customers to your business.
  • To create well-defined and legally defensible scope-of-work statements.
  • How to train employees on documentation requirements, including site conditions that affect the successful completion of the service, incidents, arrival and departure times.

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