CSM 01 – Power Sweeping Standard

The National Power Sweeping Standard – developed by NAPSA

  • Training the Sweeping Company Manager on The Standard

Congratulations! By choosing to pursue certification you have made the decision to do right by your company, its employees, your customers, and the greater public.  This education course will give you an overview of the NAPSA Power Sweeping Standard.  Should your company choose to adopt this standard, it will give your company credibility in the eyes of your customers and vendors.  It will also be a great first step toward operating under the sweeping industries’ best practices.

Why does our industry need a standard? Most businesses in our industry try to do things the right way. They try to ensure that their business practices are fair to themselves and their customers. They try to teach their sweeper operators to understand and abide by safe sweeping practices. They take pride in their work.

However, when things go bad, where someone is injured on a project or property is damaged, sweeping companies have struggled to establish that they have been operating under generally accepted good business practices.

This struggle has been costly in legal actions often having nothing to do with the service provided.   Individual companies have felt like islands, alone to inform a legal system stacked against them.

NAPSA has changed that.  The NAPSA Power Sweeping Standard outlines many of the industry’s customary practices.  To establish that the standard was truly a “National Standard”, NAPSA first became an ANSI Accredited Standards Developer.

The next step was to write the standard, which took several years by some of the nation’s top sweeping contractors.  Finally, the NAPSA Power Sweeping Standard was submitted to ANSI for processing and public review.

This multi-step process was completed in December of 2018.

Virtually every major industry has a standard or designation that demonstrates the expertise of companies in each of those industries. Expert accountants must become CPAs. Lawyers must pass the bar. Our industry’s leading companies have decided that power sweeping should be no different. They’ve decided that it’s time to hold themselves and their peers to a higher standard — the NAPSA Power Sweeping Standard, which is an American National Standard and the first of its kind in the industry. In short, NAPSA is elevating the industry to a new level because its member organizations understand that industry standards are the key to quality and safety.

Where does the CSM fit into all of this?

This course is the first step in letting sweeping companies know about the Standard:

  • How it came about
  • What is in it
  • How to use it
  • What parts should be taught to operators

The standard has the flexibility to deal with different types of sweeping i.e. construction vs parking lot, hourly and bid jobs as well as regional differences.

By becoming a CSM and knowing the Standard, the CSM will be in a position to ensure a sweeping company has adopted the appropriate behaviors outlined in the Standard.