A. Fleet Basics – Key Fundamentals Introduction

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Why take this course?

This course may look like a stripped-down version of the Certified Sweeper Operator courses.  Which it is.  We took out all the sweeper specific and job site training.  However, we left in the key driver information that is important when driving ANY vehicle.

Probably the last time you had any driver training is when you first learned to drive.  This course does not replace that but provides additional information as well as some very good reminders.

Every person that drives during their workday, makes a parts run, grabs lunch for the office or goes out on a sales call will benefit from this course.

Notice this Key Fundamentals course is very appropriate for office staff.  Dropping off paperwork, visiting the post office or office supply store all involve driving.

If you have young drivers at home, this could be a great course for them.

About the Course

This course was developed by dozens of the top sweeper company owners and managers across the country. Most of these professionals also have been years behind the wheel of the same sweepers you will be operating. They have trained thousands of operators and personally made or had employees make hundreds of mistakes they want you to avoid. You simply can’t live long enough to make all the mistakes on your own. While it is nice to learn from your mistakes, it is far better to learn from the mistakes of others.

There are regional and company differences to what is taught and stressed in these pages. It is quite possible your company owner will inform you one of the concepts or procedures are done differently at your company. He or she signs your paycheck and has the ultimate responsibility. However, the simple fact that you will have an in-depth discussion on why a particular item is not given the same weight in your company will make you a better/safer operator.

Course Tips

Take your time. This is your profession. A professional wants to know the details and is always looking for tips to make their job easier, safer and more enjoyable.

When you come across items that are done differently at your company, ALWAYS have a conversation with your supervisor before you change ANY process or procedure.  This is explained in several areas.  There are many regional, equipment and company policies that may differ from what is explained here.  Always follow your company rules.

Have fun and always be safe!

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