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One person alone cannot create a sweepers school for the sweeping industry. The heavy lifting was shared by many. Literately dozens of people and companies have dedicated thousands of hours and hundreds of years of experience to this effort.

Many companies and individuals have graciously donated graphics, videos, photos, and, most of all, time.  All elements have been obtained with permission from the author/owner or are public domain; if we missed something, please bring it to our attention. We will correct it immediately.

Many thanks to the following companies for their contributions:

Serving on the Board of any trade association takes a special commitment. It shows a willingness to give back in time, energy, and funds.  The sweeping industry is blessed to have many great individuals over the last almost four decades who led NAPSA.  The original compilation of this project spanned the administration of three NAPSA Presidents:

  • Ken Lindsey– Commercial Power Sweeping, CA
  • Sylvia Richards– Asphalt Enterprises, NC
  • Pete Philips– Clean Sweep, TN

Thank you for your leadership, patience, and tenacity to keep this project moving.  Your visions of what was possible are inspiring.

Contributing NAPSA Board Members:

  • Gabe Vitale – C & L Sweeper Service, NJ
  • Jim Dodson – Mid-State Industrial, OR
  • Joe Hendrickson – Schwarze Industries, AL
  • Doug Seto – Nite-Hawk Sweepers, WA
  • Scott Duscher – Agua Trucks, AZ
  • Latasha Crenshaw – AC Sweepers and Maintenance, GA
  • Rich Katz – TKG Sweeping, IL
  • Brad Ross – Ross Industries, PA
  • Dave McCaskill – AccuSweep, SC
  • Chris Dick – Katsam Enterprises, MO
  • Bryan Young   – TYMCO, TX
  • Jeff Old – Lead Gear, TX
  • John Paraschak – Stewart-Amos Sweepers, PA
  • Greg Blair – 1-800-SWEEPER, OH
  • Jim Larko – Katsam Enterprises, MO
  • Randy Hite – Piedmont Property Services, NC
  • Frank Chulick – Stewart-Amos Sweepers, PA
  • Tracy Day – Nite-Hawk Sweepers, WA

This was by far not the only thing on your plates, not to mention running your own companies.  You arrived days early to conferences to work on this and other projects.  All on your dime!

Industry Contributors:

  • Gerry Kesselring – Contract Sweepers, OH
  • Carl Barton – Aardvark Sweeping, TN
  • Jay Presutti – East Coast Sweeping Service, NY
  • Karl Stauty – Commercial Power Sweeping, VA
  • Mike Lucht – Progressive Sweeping, MI
  • Jason Lucht – Progressive Sweeping, MI
  • Lauren McCaskill Ivey – Southco Commercial Curb Appeal, SC
  • Debbie Jacketta – Jacketta Sweeping, UT
  • Giovanni Recalde – Atlantic Sweeping and Cleaning, VA
  • Chris Griffin – C & M Parking Lot Sweepers, LLC, GA
  • Terry Dodd – EnviroSweep, IN
  • Matt Bawks – Central Valley Sweeping, CA
  • Scott Cerosky – Crum & Forster, NY
  • Lee Miller – Pacific Sweeping, CA
  • Louise Duscher -Agua Trucks, AZ
  • Michael Crenshaw – AC Sweepers and Maintenance, GA
  • AJ Thomas – AC Sweepers and Maintenance, GA
  • Charles E. Joseph – All Care Sweeping, LLC, KS
  • Derek Rayburn – Scenic City Studios, TN

Special thanks to Matt Koesters (Journalist and Business Writer) for the countless hours interviewing industry experts and organizing the text into understandable prose. Anyone needing these services is encouraged to contact Matt on LinkedIn, Facebook, or at [email protected]  Note: After Matt finished his portion of the project, the team made about 10,000 additions.  Any improper prose or sentence structure was all ours.

Instructional Designer Katie SchwietePh.D. Your input has been extremely valuable. While we may have strayed from some of your input, we are a bunch of sweepers, your professionalism has added to this project.   [email protected]

Warm thanks to Grayson Carter of LeadCadence.  Grayson set up the original website, researched the learning software, and made the initial installation. His grasp of technology, the sweeping industry, operator training, and what we were trying to accomplish was instrumental in laying the foundation this course is built on.

The team at Lead Gear has worked tirelessly to install and update the payment system and all the complexities of a top-level website.  This site would not be possible without their help. Thank you for your continued patience and insight to improve and upgrade the user experience constantly.

Herding Cats is too easy of a job and inadequate to describe Nancy Terry for her dedication, patience, and contribution to our industry and this project.  Managing a trade association is no easy task.  Adding a project like this is truly above and beyond.

To the future volunteers and industry leaders that will continue to contribute and improve this course, welcome!  We look forward to rolling up our sleeves together to continue improving our industry, businesses, and people.

Finally, to you, the operators that have made this effort to improve.  Most people in your profession will never even attempt what you have completed; well done! You have very much to be proud of.

Mark Carter  – CSO Project Coordinator
President – Peloton Sweeping Service, LLC Orange, CA

CSO Project:

The CSO online training course and certificate, always was envisioned to have three components to focus on the three distinct areas of sweeping:  Parking Lot Sweeping, Construction Site Sweeping and Municipal Sweeping.  Parking lot sweeping was selected first for many reasons.  Prime among them was the routine, and repetitive nature of the work made an excellent foundation to start.

Looking over the contributors to the Parking Lot course, almost without exception, each individual and company touched the construction course in some way. It’s tough to keep industry leaders away.

However, as in every endeavor, some individuals step forward:

  • Ken Lindsey – Commercial Power Sweeping, Great insight into the equipment and all the areas of construction sweeping
  • Pete Philips – Clean Sweep, As President of NAPSA in 2018, Pete had his finger (or his whole hand) in every project, including this one.
  • Gerry Kesselring – Contract Sweepers, So many pictures and drive cam videos – this course would not be the same without them.
  • Jason Lucht – Progressive Sweeping, Tasked to create the “milling” lesson.  This could be a course all of its own.
  • Doug Sauder – Thesing Power Sweeping, Worked with Jason to brainstorm the milling lesson.
  • Debbie Jacketta – Jacketta Sweeping, Hours and hours of beta testing.
  • Lee Miller – Pacific Sweeping, Tasked to keep our thinking straight on the high-level issues
  • Matt Bawks – Central Valley Sweeping, Some of the coolest videos in the course
  • Scott Cerosky – World Insurance Associates, The CSO’s biggest fan
  • Hayden Miller – Pacific Sweeping, A huge contributor to the trouble shooting module.
  • Joe Scuito –  Ross Industries, An early framer and contributor
  • Nikki Kryston – Property Maintenance Services, Beta testing with a 2nd generation fresh set of eyes
  • Matt Andrews – West Michigan Sweeper, MI Considerable Beta Testing and input
  • Matt Allen – United Construction Services, Got down to the street level training.  Great contribution.
  • Cole Watts – More Clean of Texas, Made many of the lessons more readable.
  • Latasha Crenshaw – AC Sweepers and Maintenance, When lesson authors got stuck, the drafts were sent to Latasha and Sylvia to create the questions.
  • Sylvia Richards – Asphalt Enterprises, On top of the questions, Sylvia did her best to keep us out of the weeds.
  • Nancy Terry- NAPSA Executive Director. O-my.  Always there to make sure everyone had what they needed.  Always positive, always moving us forward.
  • Scott Duscher – Agua Trucks, AZ. Every major project needs a champion, a team leader, and a driving force.  Scott took it upon himself to be that person for this course.  Sometimes by sheer will, this course kept moving forward.  It started with a standing weekly conference call every week for a year. Some calls had 3-5 people on the call.  After a few calls, it was just Scott.  Many of the lessons were created by Scott alone, and he self-produced some of the included teaching videos.  Scott’s caring and thorough teaching of his employees comes through, and the sweeping industry is better for it.  NAPSA itself is in great hands as Scott took over as President in 2019.
  • Mark Carter – Peloton Sweeping, CA. Having been the lead for the Parking Lot course, it was only natural he stayed plugged in for Construction.  With a passion for training, coaching, and safety, each lesson went from the author (team or individual) through Mark’s filter.  Scott soon learned when he sent something to be put online; it would probably be added to and look different once Mark tweaked it.  Like Scott, Mark worked hard to make a tool he would use with his people.  Just the week before launch – “Sorry Scott, I couldn’t help myself; I added another lesson.”

To the future volunteers and industry leaders that will continue to contribute and improve this course, welcome!  We look forward to rolling up our sleeves together to continue improving our industry, businesses, and people.

Finally, to you, the operators that have made this effort to improve.  Most people in your profession will never even attempt what you have completed, and well done! You have very much to be proud of.

PS,  If you worked on this project and we failed to acknowledge it, please let us know.  Contact the NAPSA office at [email protected]

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