FB 02 – Know Your Gutter Brooms

There are some regional differences in terminology:  Some companies would say gutter broom others might call it a gutter brush. You might also hear it called a “Vertical Digger Broom.”


Brooms – NBB

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First, let’s think about what it is brooms are supposed to do. The whole purpose of the gutter broom is to flick the debris in front of whatever it is that will pick it up and take it to the hopper. A gutter broom is designed to throw the material to the center of the […]

Thank You! – NBB


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One person alone cannot create a sweepers school for the sweeping industry. The heavy lifting was shared by many. Literately dozens of people and companies have dedicated thousands of hours and hundreds of years of experience to this effort. Many companies and individuals have graciously donated graphics, videos, photos, and, most of all, time.  All […]